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Top 8 Things Children Should do during their Board Exams

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Finally, the day have arrived where you will give your first board exams or some may have even given their first exam. In my last blog, I have provided some things that parents should not do during the board exams to keep their child away from stress. However, there are certain things that children must remember during their board exams.

Pack all the essential items

First and foremost, ensure that you pack all the items, such as pencil box, admit card, and watch that are necessary for the exam before you go to sleep. It is important that you do not panic and keep everything you need during the exams well in advance.

Get a proper sleep

Secondly, you must get sufficient amount of sleep a day before your exams. You have prepared well for your board exams so now is the time when you need to relax. Thus, it is important you sleep well so that you get up with fresh energy and enthusiasm. In fact, I would suggest you sleep little early than you sleep on any other day. To get a proper sleep, it is important that you eat a healthy diet without any junk food so that you do not fall ill. Prevention is better than cure. Thus, you need to be cautious of eating any unhealthy food.

Reach the examination center on time

To do this, you need to sleep early so that you get up early in the morning and reach your destination well before the scheduled time.

Read the question paper thoroughly

So, you have entered the examination hall. What should be the next thing you should? “Start writing”, you must be thinking. No! You should never start to write straightaway after getting the question paper from your invigilator. You must first read the question paper thoroughly and understand well. In addition, you should use 15 minutes of your time to scan through the entire paper and mark the ones you are most comfortable with. While reading the question paper, you need to first understand what is being asked and what the weitage of each question is.

Do not waste too much time on a question

This is another thing you should do in case you do not remember the answer to a question. Do not worry, it happens. You need to just relax, take a deep breath, and think for a while, and still if you cannot recall then you should move on to the next question. You can come back to the question later on with a fresh mind.

Present your answer sheet well

Remember, the examiner does not know you and nor you know the examiner. So, it is always important to write your answers in the answer sheet in a neat and legible handwriting. You should ensure that the answers are written in a logical and comprehensive manner. In addition, you need to read the question thoroughly, and then begin writing the answer. When writing the answer to a question, you must use language that can be easily understood by the examiner. Remember the golden rule to write your answers – KISS, which means “Keep It Simple Stupid”.

Keep a close eye on the time

This is another important thing you must remember while writing your examination paper. You must keep a close eye on your watch to check how much time is remaining to complete the paper. This is not to increase your stress but just to ensure that you adhere to the time allocated to you. In addition, this helps you to prioritize the questions so that you complete the examination paper well before time.

Revise your answer sheet

Once you are done with examination paper, you must keep last 15 minutes to check if you have answered all the questions. You need to revise what you have written in the answer sheet. Remember, you do need to scan through all your answers but just need to check if you have answered all the questions.


Any examination can be most stressful for children and board examination is no exception. You must study hard and keep in mind these tips to prepare for your exams. You must believe in yourself that you know all the answers and write with full confidence. You should not look around instead you should concentrate on your paper only.

Wishing you all the best for your board examinations and hope you come out in flying colors :).




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