Forget the ego to make yourself happy

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Just now, I saw a wonderful status on Facebook from one of the Facebook application that I have subscribed. It read, “How to get happiness? Stop wanting it, and you automatically get it :)”

Isn’t the thought really beautiful and provides a wonderful message. So many times, we say to ourselves that “I want happiness” or “I want to be happy” and in order to be happy, we do a lot of things like we enroll for a peace of mind workshop or go for yoga but still we do not find happiness. We feel that there is something missing in our lives, and we still say to ourselves, “I still want to be happy!” But, we tend to forget few little things that we can do in order to happy.

First and foremost, remove the “I” from the statement “I want happiness” because that is ego.

Then, remove the “want” as it is the “desires” that prevents us to be happy. Desires can’t stop as people can desire a lot of things. For example, your desire can be to buy a Mercedes Benz, or buy a Penthouse, or buy that expensive watch, which you saw on your friend’s wrist last night. I am not saying that you should not have any desires. Its good to have desires but there should be a limit to everything.

In order to be happy, just remove the ego and desires from your life and then your life will be much improved. You wouldn’t have to go for any peace of mind workshop in order to know how to remain happy.

The word “I” is very self-centered as it pertains to just the individual. Think about it for a while. Stand in front of a mirror and say the word “I” as loud as you can. Doesn’t it clearly depict a sense of aggression among you? And now, just say the word “We” as loud as you can and see the difference. The word “We” clearly depicts the calmness and it also makes you feel better. The more you think about people around you and think about the community, the more happiness will be filled in your lives and you will feel happy from inside, and the more happy you will feel happy you will feel from inside, the more happy you will be.

So, forget about the I and start saying We and you life will improve in a better way.

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