About Myself

Welcome to imanujkapoor.com

Hey Friends! I’m Anuj Kapoor, and I am an Instructional Designer with over 15 years of experience in Instructional Design and learning. Though, I’m an Instructional Design by profession but passionate about writing and blogging. I do not call my expert in writer as I’m not sure what an expert does and I do not really hold a degree in English per se. And, moreover, I am still learning the craft of writing as I feel that the learning should never STOP.

If you want to know more about my education and experience, you can look into my profile.

But, you must be thinking, if I’m not an expert then what do I write?

I have written for several niches as I feel a writer don’t need to be bounded with a particular niche so I write anything that comes into my mind. Here is a list of niches where I have written my articles:

  • Technology
  • Soft skills
  • Career
  • Writing
  • Learning
  • Philosophy

As a writer, I only believe in one thing that there is no right or wrong option; instead, you just WRITE! In addition, writing to me is MAGIC as you can make or break anything. Take a simple example where you need to write a marketing document to sell a product. You can either persuade a customer to buy the product through your writing or your customer can even start to hate it if your writing does not shape well.

So, that’s what I do – I write and educate the world through my writing, and also spread the knowledge to others.

Any personal life?

Yes, indeed. I am married and have a son who is 7 years old and I would love to play with him when I am not working or during the weekends. I also love to read or get into my kitchen apron and cook some authentic dishes for my son. In addition, I like to travel with my family to different places whenever we get time.

So you’re still reading this?

WOW! That sounds great.

You must be really interested! Feel free to email me any questions or thoughts that you may have. Thanks for stopping by and reading. It’s very much appreciated and I look forward to connect with you.


Introduction to Digital Marketing from Simplilearn
UX Design Fundamentals course from udemy
Successfully completed internal trainings on AGILE and SCRUM
Awarded IBM Design Thinking Practitioner badge

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