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5 Things Parents Must NOT Do During the Exam Time

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February is already on its way and March is down the corner, and this is also the month when spring season will begin where all the flowers will bloom. In addition, March is also the Exam time for students and specifically the board exams. Examination time is the most stressful time for both the children as well as their parents. Moreover, it becomes even more stressful when it is the “Board Examinations”. The word “Board” itself brings a lot of anxiety and stress among the children and their parents. In India especially, the parents tend to put an unwarranted pressure on their children not because they want to deliberately do it but specifically because of the society and the fear of securing a better future. I m also a parent and sometimes I realize there it does not make sense to put so much burden on the children. There seems to be a race where each of us wants our children to score more and get the highest rank in a hope for a better future. However, we fail to understand that every child is different and have specific qualities. For example, if one child is good at dancing then there may be another child who will be good at Mathematics or vice versa. Similarly, if one child is a painter then there may be some other child who maybe a scientist.

So, what should parents do? Shall we stop asking our kids to study or shall we ask them to do whatever they want to? No absolutely, Not! Discipline is always good because it makes you a better person but at the same time it is not the time to panic. Our children appear in the examinations but we’re the ones popping a stress vessel.

With the board exams barely few days away, here are certain things that parents must not do to keep our kids stress free during exams.

Do NOT display your anxiety to your child

Displaying your nervousness to the child is quite common among the parents. However, it does not really work if you appear to be nervous.  If you display your nervousness then it may affect your child’s performance. It may happen that the child would either become a rebel and would not study at all or would become so nervous that they will simply be unable to perform. As a parent, you must appear to stay calm at all costs howsoever nervous we are from inside.

NEVER compare your child with other children

As I mentioned earlier, every child is different and has a different set of skills and abilities. So, as a parent, you must stop comparing apples with oranges. You must avoid comparing your child’s performance, marks, number of hours spent while studying, or even exam preparation strategy with other children. We must believe in our child’s abilities and let them study at their own pace

Do not force your child to study for longer periods

This is something that most parents tend to do during examination time where the keep on asking their children to study continuously. While at one point there is no harm but it is also good to ask your child to take some rest. As a parent, you must not force your child to study for longer periods as it may affect their health. You should always ensure that your child take appropriate breaks between studies and get sufficient sleep. In addition, you should not also ask your children to quit their hobbies during the exam time because this may give them some time to relax.

Do not put undue pressure on your children

This is also quite common among the parents where some parents put unwarranted pressure on their children to get good grades. While it is important to tell the importance of exams but at the same time, parents must not mount unnecessary pressure on their children. You should not burden your expectations upon the children during the exam time. It is always appropriate to let them study without telling them that not doing well in exams will affect their future.

Don’t put outside pressure on children

As a parent, you must steel clear of the pressure from the outside world that includes, friends, relatives, and neighbours. You must keep your children away from the people who give unsolicited advice and keep asking your child what they want to be in their life. This is not really the time for such things. It may create a cloud of anxiety and tension, and may even make your children more nervous.


I know that exam time can be stressful for both parents and children but if we as parents do all these things then we can surely help our child to perform well.

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