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5 lessons that Cooking Taught me About Life

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I’m not really a chef; nor I will consider myself a home chef. But I still like to cook whenever I feel little stressed as cooking is a great stress buster for me.

Surprised? But this is true.

No kidding!

I consider myself as an amateur chef and cooking has NOW become one of the most blissful activity in my life. In fact, cooking has even taught me certain things that that I can apply in my professional life. Here are five things that cooking have taught me about life:

Be patient

There is an old saying that patience reaps rewards. Cooking is an excellent teacher as it teaches the art of being patent. Whenever I have a craving for an exotic dish like Lasagna or pasta and start to cook it on my own, I know that I will have to wait for the time it takes to get it prepared. I will need to be patient enough to nicely prepare the dish otherwise if I hurry then the entire dish may go wrong. Similarly, you need to be patient at your workplace and you need carefully plan and listen to your colleagues, boss, or the client to execute something well.

Improvise it

When you thought you have all your ingredients while cooking your signature dish, it may happen that you may be missing on one or more of them. So, what do you do in such a scenario? Well, I would NOT stop cooking and keep my dish moving. So, instead of getting tripped up, I would try to improvise and be open to the whatever I have. Then, who knows – I may even create something that is unique and out of box. Similarly, if we take a quick action on anything that is unplanned or unexpected, it gives us an additional edge to handle situations at work.

True hard work always proves out to be good

When you sweat out in the kitchen to prepare your signature dish, it always turns out well if you prepare according to the recipe and ingredients. You need to put all your efforts to prepare that dish so that it not satisfies your hunger pangs, but everyone appreciates your hard work. Similarly, you need to put all your efforts at workplace to complete a task so that everyone appreciates what your worth it.

Consistency is the key to mastery

The word “consistency” is something that comes with experience and more experience you get; the more consistent you become to make your signature dish a perfect one. While preparing a dish, you need to be consistent with the amount of ingredients you take so that you do not create any misbalance. Similarly, you need to be consistent at your workplace and consistently perform as per your goals and aspirations.

“Practice makes perfect”

This is an old saying but it holds true everywhere. Let’s say you are preparing a dish for the first time, but it didn’t turn out as you had expected. So, what do you do? Will you stop cooking that dish? No, right! You will try again, and again until it turns out well. It might happen that you will have to try 10 or maybe 11 times to get that it right. But, eventually, you will become a master of that dish. Therefore, cooking teaches you that practice makes perfect as you spend your time perfecting your signature dish.

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