Where there’s a Will, there is always a way

Remember the proverb, “Where there’s a will; there’s a way”? Its an old English proverb that puts emphasis on determination and goal. It means that you need to have a strong willpower if you want to succeed or achieve your goals in life.

It is certain that almost all of us have something to achieve in life or have some goals that we work to achieve. However, you can only achieve your goals if you have strong willpower and work hard with complete dedication.

The proverb also means that if you have the determination or willpower to do something then nothing can stop you or come in your path to success. The determination serves as a driving force to accomplish any task or achieve success.

Many people who’re not determined towards their goals tend to curse their destiny or bad luck.

But, this is not true at all.

If you fail to accomplish your goals, then YOU and only YOU are responsible because you didn’t have the will and dedication towards your goals.  

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Let me tell you a short story…

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Once upon a time, there lived a businessman who lived in a small town in India and used to sell combs. He was getting old and wanted to retire but before that he wanted to give his business in a wise and able hands. So, he called out on his three sons to his chamber and asked them, “Sons, I’m now getting old and wish to retire.”

The two sons looked at him with an eye of opportunity to take over him and winked each other.

“Before I decide on whom shall I handover my entire business, I want you to accomplish one task for me”, the old businessman said to his three sons.

He asked his sons to sell the combs to the monks in a Buddhist monastery. The two sons looked at him in complete astonishment, and they even told him that he has gone mad. They laughed at him and told him that it was an impossible task.

But the third son told his dad that he is ready to sell the combs to the monks in the monastery. After few days, he came back with some exciting sales figures for selling 1000 combs. The old businessman was both surprised and happy that his third son achieved the task for him. He asked him that how did he do this task. To this, the third son replied, “I gave the monks an idea. I told them that if we can embed or print some of the teachings of Buddha in the combs and give the comb as a gift to all the visitors who visit the monastery so this way the visitors will remember the teachings whenever they will comb their hair. And, this idea struck the deal.”

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Let’s say, you desire to become rich or earn lots of money. But, this may not be possible by just desiring and you need more than that. In fact, more than desire, you will need the determination and strong willpower to achieve anything in life.

Your willpower actually defines the strong desire, which can defeat the obstacles and hurdles that may occur in your path to success. Having desire to achieve your goals in NOT enough. Instead, you need to work actively in right direction with string willpower.  

You read any story of successful people and you will notice one common thing – strong willpower accompanied by the efforts. Whether the goal is to conquer the moon or the mount Everest, or to become a successful blogger or even to pass in examination with good grades, all it takes to have a strong willpower.

A determined person accepts difficulties and challenges, and then overcome them with hard work and efforts. In other words, if you have the strong willpower and you’re willing to take risks then nothing seems impossible.

If you keep on daydreaming but don’t do anything or do not have the string willpower or determination, then nothing will happen. And, you’ll definitely NOT achieve or accomplish anything. Instead, you’ll become incompetent and will also lose confidence. On the other hand, if you work hard sincerely then you’ll surely achieve success.

We’ve so many examples of celebrities like Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Sachin Tendulkar, Amitabh Bachchan, etc. who have achieved success. All of them and many more are there today because of ONE thing – strong willpower and dedication. They were determined to their goals and it was because of their hard work and commitment that helped them to achieve success.

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The proverb ‘Where there is a will, there’s a way’, also tells that if someone works with complete determination then no matter what but they can defeat any challenges or obstacles and accomplish their goals. If you lack the will to do any task or complete your goal, then you tend to give up quickly. Moreover, willpower also acts as the motivation factor to accomplish your goals and achieve success in life.


So to conclude, if you’ve got the strong willpower or determination to accomplish your goals then you’ll eventually find a way to achieve them.

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