Top Signs You’re Actually Doing Well in Life

Today is Monday, the start of the week!

Most of you have Monday morning blues or Monday morning sickness where you tend to get stressed on going to work. This is a natural phenomenon and happens to most individuals especially those professionals who work in a 9 – 5 kind of job.

Often we enjoy the entire weekend but as Sunday slowly starts to end, we get stressed out upon the thought of going back to work.

This means that you want more from your life from happiness to better health and increased productivity.

However, what if I told you that there is ONE thing that can help you in ALL of these areas – GRATITUDE!

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, Gratitude is defined as the state of being grateful and thankfulness.

Gratitude means that you take time to think about the positive things in your life and be thankful of what you’ve got. Here are 5 important signs to show that you might be doing well in your life and shall be grateful for whatever you have.

You have food and water

Did you have your breakfast today before coming to work? Or, were you able to drink clean water?

If your answer is Yes, then, you definitely need to show GRATITUDE and be mindful of the food or water you eat and drink.

Food is the essence of life. It not only nurtures and delights us but it gives us energy so that you stay stronger throughout the day. Imagine your life without any food and water. Will you be able to stay hungry or thirsty for a day? Without food, you would not have a life at all.

If you feel that you can stay without food and water, think again because there’re many people on this earth without a steady supply of food.

So, if you’re able to have at least three square meals a day or access to water then this is surely a sign that you’re doing well.

You’ve shelter over your head

Along with food and water, you also need a shelter that will protect you from severe cold in winters and heat during summers. This is the basic necessity for any human being that many people don’t have.
So, if you were able to go to bed last night in a comfortable bed under the warm blanket that protected you from the cold outside then you’re doing well and shall be grateful for this fact.

You’ve clean clothes

There’re millions of people on this earth who may not have clothes to wear at all or they may not have a privilege like you for a second pair of clothes.  You should appreciate GOD to provide you with a pair of clean clothes that would protect you from all sorts of calamities.

You’ve or had a job

There are millions of people on this earth who’re jobless or without any work trying to get even a temporary job to earn a livelihood. Whether you’re currently at work or not, you know what is like to have a job and income in your hand. Think of a person who has been jobless for very long. You still might be in a better position as you may have the knowledge and skills that create value for the business and in turn for the entire society in general.

You strive to be a better person

You strive to do more and be a better person on this earth as you feel you’re not achieving things in life that you want to attain making you feel down. You seek to improve yourself because you feel this is the biggest challenge you’ve in life.

You’ve got a dream

Dreams are important because it helps to attain your goals in life and can change the entire course of life. Research shows that dreaming is not just a by-product of sleep, but it also acts as an important function for our well-being. You might have a crazy dream but it’s just yours and you know you can achieve it as long as you put your mind to it. You must never give up on your dreams even if others say that it’s insignificant.

You’ve friends

There is an old proverb, “A friend in need is a friend indeed.” Imagine your life without any friends. Your life will be dull and boring if you don’t have anyone besides you who can support you in your decisions or whom you can cuddle if you’re not doing well. Friends make your life complete, exciting, and fun. You live in a society where you appreciate the value of friendships and understand how important friends are for you.

You’re breathing

And, finally, you should be appreciative of the fact that you’re alive and breathing properly without any complications. No matter how much hurt you might be because of the pain and whatever struggles and defeats have happened, you must remember that you’re still living on this earth and that should make you a stronger person. Take a deep breath because if you’re breathing fine then you still have time to improve and live your life before you reach your final destination.

Final thoughts

This may not be an extensive list but it is enough for you to realize that you’re doing well in your life and you should thank god for keeping you alive.

As Oscar Wilde rightly said, “They’re so many beautiful reasons to be happy.”

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