Top Reasons Why You Should Start Blogging TODAY

Blogging is dead!


If you’re one of those people who think that blogging is no more then you need to think again.

There are over 600 million blogs around the globe today out of the 1.7 billion websites with 77.8 million new blog posts published each month on WordPress alone. On average, there’re over 2 million blog posts that go live every day, which means that they’re nearly 4000 people who consider starting a blog each day.

Before we get on to understand why it is important to start a blog, let’s first define a blog. A blog refers to an online journal typically run by an individual or a company and it is a platform where you share your views on an individual subject.

But, why blog? What’s the BIG deal?

Blogs today have become an important part of one’s life and its raining blogs everywhere. Here are a few reasons you should consider starting a blog if you’ve not done that already:

1. To build your personal brand

When you write on a particular subject, you become authoritative and thus it helps you to build your personal brand. Also, it provides you with recognition in your community when you provide value to your readers.

2. To create a strong network

One of the best things about blogging is that it helps to build a strong network as you’re exposed a large community of new people. Also, blogging is a powerful tool where you meet with like minded individuals. It helps you to connect with various people and share your views about a certain topic.

3. To express yourself

Blogging is a great tool for introverts as it allows you to express yourself freely and share information with others. It provides you with a platform to speak to the world, let your personality shine and be heard. Also, when you start writing posts and share with others then you’ll notice that people are reading them. This makes you feel better and this increases your self-confidence. You’ll feel valued and appreciated as people would want to read what you write.

4. To become a better writer

Blogging has a huge impact on your ability to write well as it allows you to evolve your writing. Remember the famous quote, Practice makes you perfect! To that end, writing just like any other form of communication improves with practice. I’ve personally felt that my writing has evolved with time, and you’ll also notice the change as you write more and more. Blogging also allows the words to flow with greater efficiency and develop a style that is unique to you.

5. To help others

You can use blogging as a tool to educate and help others who need that information. It may happen that some people would be going through difficult situations in life. They may not be able to speak to someone. Whether it is relationships or depression, your blog can act as a therapy for such people. Also, this makes them feel that they’re not alone but they’re others

6. To apply for a job

Blogging is also considered as a great tool that may land you in your dream job. It can act as a stepping stone towards the job that’ll transform your entire life. Let’s say you’re a web developer who is good at developing websites. You can start a blog and write several posts on programming-related topics to showcase your programming skills. Similarly, if you’re a chef then you can post some good recipes. This is the most effective way to find jobs today.

7. To get your voice heard

This is one of the biggest reasons why most people choose blogging – to generate awareness and get their voice heard among the community. You can use blogging as a tool if you want to highlight an issue in society and influence people’s thinking in a certain direction. Also, it helps you to contribute a lot to society by raising your voice through your blog.

Final thoughts

Can you think of any other points with respect to why you should start blogging? Let me know in the comments below.

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