Top 9 Reasons Why I Love Blogging!

Everyone loves to do something or the other like there are some who love to exercise in gym while there are some who have their love for bikes and like to go for bike rides. Its always good to do something that you love the most as it gives you motivation.

Also, doing what you love fills you with a lot of energy. That’s the reason why I love BLOGGING as I feel this is the great way where I can express myself and share my views with others.

I’ve been blogging for over four years now and I’ve discovered so many reasons why I love blogging so much that it has become part of my daily routine. Here are 10 reasons why I love writing blog posts and sharing with you.

1. Blogs give me peace of mind

Blogging is like meditation for me and it fills my entire body with peace. Just like when you meditate, you tend to relax your mind and soul, similarly, when I blog, it makes me feel relaxed. It makes me feel happy while sharing my thoughts with others and gives me peace of mind.
In today’s world, mental health is as well important as it is important to keep yourself physically fit. You need to take care of your mind as you take care of your body. And, to do that, you need to be involved in activities that make you happy and relaxed.

As for me, blogging is one such activity that makes me insanely happy as I enjoy sharing my ideas. Writing a blog post and sharing it across multiple channels make me feel fulfilled, and this fulfillment benefits my mental health that makes all the work worth it.

2. It gives me a purpose

It is essential to have a purpose in life as without having one makes your entire life very dull and boring. And, you tend to lead a meaningless life without a purpose. How do you feel to do same tasks all the time from waking up to eating same meals and then sleeping? Doesn’t it sound boring and demoralizing?

It is important that you look deep inside and find your “Why” – why you’ve come on this earth. Everyone has come here to fulfill their purpose and you just need to realize that “Why”. If you ask me, my purpose is to share my love with others via my blog posts.

Writing is one of my greatest passions so that’s why I love blogging as it gives me a purpose for which I’ve come here on this earth. So, if writing gives you a purpose then I would highly encourage you to bite the bullet and start your blog right now. I’ve created step-by-step guide that will help you to start your blog.

3. It’ve helped me to improve my writing skills

I’ve been always been passionate about writing when I was in school or college but never really pushed myself until I started writing on my blog. I would write essays and short stories but I never had been consistent enough with it. When I started blogging, I found myself to write more and more and this in turn really helped me to develop my own writing style. The more I wrote, the more I became better at writing. And, it hasn’t stopped yet as I am still improving a lot but blogging has brought a transformation in my writing style.

4. I’ve learnt a lot of new things

Blogging has not just allowed me to improve my writing style but it has given me an opportunity to learn so many new things that I wasn’t really aware earlier. I learnt about SEO and how to apply it in my blog and also did my own photo editing using various online tools like Canva.


5. It has allowed me to don many hats

While writing is the key skill in blogging but there is more to it as it involves many other roles, which helped me to develop new skills. As a blogger, I’m not just writing blog posts but also promote them on social media and developing graphics for my blog.

6. I’m able to help others

A couple of months back, I received an email from someone who appreciated by blog and told me how much helpful my blog is. No wonder, that was one of the best feeling in the world and it made me feel so happy to know my hard work has paid off.

And, it also made me feel satisfied that my blog inspired someone. Helping others through my blog is the most important factor and that really motivates me to write more and more blog posts.

7. It allows me to think creatively

I love to be creative and blogging is like a creative opening for me as it allows me to design my own blog using my own creativity. This gives me the freedom to change the layout of my blog whenever I feel inspired. And, blogging also allow me to think of new content ideas that are both interesting and unique in nature.

8. I get to know like-minded people

Blogging helps me to connect with different people around the globe and it allows me to share similar interests with the fellow bloggers. Also, my blog has made the world appear to be a very small place to live as it allows me to meet with new people and initiate a conversation where I need improvement on. Over the years, I’ve been fortunate enough to meet with different people from across the world and it’s a wonderful feeling to see that how Internet can connect with like-minded and diverse people together.

9. It helps me to continue learning

With the rise of technology, you really need to keep up with latest trends so that you’re able to implement it in your blog. Blogging not just helps me to learn new skills but also allow me to sharpen my skills that I already have.

Final thoughts

Therefore, there are so many different things that I love being a blogger. Amongst all of these things, I’ve been lucky enough to learn so many lessons from different bloggers. There’re so may positive things in blogging and list is endless. Though, there have been several challenges thrown on my way and there has been many stimulating times but the passion I have for blogging never fades. Blogging for me is not just a hobby but has become part of my life and I feel extremely proud of my journey in blogging so far.

So, now, its your turn to do what you love whether you’re just getting started in blogging or already in it. I’d love to hear your thoughts on what makes you to love blogging and why is it so special to you.

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