5 reasons why upskilling matters in today’s industry

The best investment you can make is in yourself. The more you learn. The more you earn. – Warren Buffet

True, isn’t it? In today’s world where there is so much competition, no job is secure so it is up to you to ensure that you stay upbeat with the current market. If you upskill yourself, you are more likely to find a better job or you could even move to a new opportunity in your own organization.

Think about it! Let’s say you have been working in your organization for around three years and you have been working on one technology but you haven’t been getting much growth as you had expected. And, you haven’t been able to get enough calls from outside.

So, what is it you do to increase your chances for a better opportunity?

Of course, “upskilling” is the answer as the market today is not the same as it was yesterday and it will not remain the same tomorrow. The change is bound to happen so it is up to you to realize the fact that you need to upskill yourself.

Before I go ahead to explain why upskilling really matters, let’s first understand what is upskilling?

Simply put, upskilling refers to an opportunity to expand your capabilities and expertise to make yourself available for better opportunities.

Here are 5 reasons why upskilling matters in today’s industry:

#1. It Increases your power to bargain on the salary

When you upskill yourself to a new career or technology, you are giving chances to yourself to bargain for that extra salary package from a prospective employer. It is your additional skills that will add extra value and put yourself in a driver’s seat.

Upskilling will act as a platform to explain the prospective employers to emphasize your increased market value thus providing you the bargaining power. In addition, upskilling may allow you to get a raise in your salary in your current organization. After all, having financial stability is equally important along with passion and dedication for what you do.

#2. It provides self-confidence

Imagine yourself working in an environment where all the team members apart from you in your team are well equipped with the skills in your project. You may feel low on confidence…

…Isn’t it?

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Greater skills and abilities bring an improved sense of self-confidence. This in turn also helps you to increase your self-esteem.

#3. It makes you eligible for promotion

When you upskill yourself, you also increase your chances to enhance your position in the job market. Upskilling helps you to bridge the gap in your career leap you want to take but you are not able to because of your current skills and capabilities.

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For example, let’s say you are working as a Team Lead in an organization and want to become a Project Manager. You can do so by upskilling yourself to gain the skills required to become a project manager.

#4. You become valuable

Upskilling allows you to make yourself more valuable in the industry thus enabling you to sell yourself in the job market. The additional skills you acquire through upskilling become your capabilities, which create great value for the companies.

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When you learn a new skill, you become useful to the business thus making you the right candidate for the job or any promotions within the organization. You can future-proof your career by upskilling yourself in case you are looking to move to a new job and allows you to always stay ahead of the competition.

The current market is growing and at the same time evolving so you need to keep up with it instead of relying on the training you attended years ago if you want to enhance your value in the industry.

#5. You uncover new desires

There may be situations when you do not feel like doing what you have been doing for so long.

Thus, upskilling allows you to take up something that you like (or love). For example, when you learn a new skill like designing a website using WordPress, you open yourself to uncover desires for the things you may not have ever expected to be interested in.

This even helps you to relieve stress in your daily work schedule by doing something that you love or you’re passionate about.

Also, it helps in upgrading your skills that is important for career development.


So, are you upskilling yourself? NOW, is the right time to gain that competitive advantage if you want to stay ahead in this BIG BAD rat race!

Are you looking for some advice on what and how you should upskill yourself? Do you feel stuck in a job that you don’t like and want to take a BIG step to fulfill your dreams and aspirations? Talk to me to clear all your doubts.

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