Top 5 free online word counting tools for writers

Whether you are a content writer, blogger, teacher, student, or a journalist, you know the importance of each word or a character while writing an article, essay, or thesis. Word count is an important metric for writers especially if you are writing for SEO.

Imagine yourself writing a piece of content and just consider for a moment that you need to count the number of words and characters in the content.

Although, Microsoft Word already provides a count of a number of words and characters. However, consider a scenario where you do not use MS Word to write your content. In such a scenario, you need a tool that would provide you with a count of words and characters.

I have curated a list of free online word counting tools that you can use while writing. Here are the top 10 tools for counting words, characters, and other text elements:

Word Count

This is a free online tool that allows you to count words, and characters with and without spaces. In addition, this tool also provides a count of sentences and paragraphs and provides reading as well as speaking time. Finally, this tool consists of a feature where you can either type or paste your text or upload any document by browsing on your computer.

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This is another good word counting tool that allows you to copy and paste your text into the online editor and then count its words and characters. In addition, this tool provides the capability to improve the choice of words and helps enhance the writing style. It also helps to detect grammar mistakes and plagiarism. The “Auto-Save” feature of this online tool enables you to ensure that you do not lose any changes you made while editing the content. This tool shows you some of the top 10 keywords and keyword density of the content or any article you are writing.

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This is also a great word or character counting tool that provides information on how many words have you already typed and the common character count of any existing article. In addition, this tool provides statistics.

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This is a simple yet powerful tool that provides a count of various items in your content, such as characters, sentences, words, and paragraphs. It also provides a count of the characters with and without spaces.

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This is another free character and word counting tool that is easy-to-use and is a perfect tool for anyone who wants to keep a count of their words and characters. This tool allows you to enter your text by typing directly or use copy paste and find out the number of characters and words it contains.

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So, what do you think? Did you find or use any other tool to count the number of words and characters?

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