To blog or not to blog …

“How can I write a blog”, said a team member to another while having a conversation over coffee.

“I am not even an expert writer”, he replied

This is the most common myth that people have about blogging and that is the reason why most people hesitate to write a blog. I have found some people say that they are too hard to be written while others complain that they have nothing to write about in a blog. There are several other myths that create hurdle for those who are willing or at least wish to start their own blog. Let us go through some of the common myths about blogging that I have gathered from the people around me.

1. I am not an expert in writing.
First of all, blogging doesn’t really mean that you need a degree in English. Instead, what matters the most is that you just need to be able to express your thoughts to your reader, and teach them something they want to know. Writing well may help you in getting your point across more easily but that is not a necessity; rather, it is just an added value to a post.

2. I do not really have time as I am too busy with my project deadlines
Yes, indeed, we all are busy with our project commitments as we need to complete our targets. But, it is not necessary to blog every single day. Instead, you can choose to blog only a few times a week or even a month. Remember, your focus must be on the appropriate topics and not the number of blogs you write for a given period of time. Studieshave found that the companies who blog 15 or more times each month get 5 times more traffic than companies who do not blog at all.

3. I am unable write a blog in just 1 or 2 hours
Most people feel that they need some time to write a blog to make it look unique. Note that it is not necessary that every blog you write is a masterpiece. You can choose to write a blog in 1000 words or you can write in less than 100 words. You just need to ensure that the blog you write helps serve the audience for which you have targeted to write the blog.

4. Blogging is just a waste of time
Some people believe that there is so much content in the Web space then why there is a need for blogging. Well, blogging gives you a voice and a medium to express yourself. In addition, it also helps you to create a brand identity especially if you have something important to say.

5. Who will read my blog?
This is a fear rather than a myth that restricts most people to start a blog—fear of being rejected in the Web world. However, with sincere and proper efforts and a simplified approach, anyone can publish a successful blog.

Blogging is a fun activity and it offers an opportunity to express your views and opinions on various aspects. Among the horde of internet users in this digital world, there is a group of individuals who are called bloggers. Being a blogger, it gives you a voice over the Internet so that you can possess the right of being heard.

So, do you have any other myths about blogging that are restricting you to start your blog?

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