S1 Ep. 16: How To Overcome Procrastination as a Content Writer?

Its mid of the week and the clock is ticking. You’re working on an article while cursing yourself that you didn’t start it sooner. 

Where did you go wrong?

How did this happen?

Why did you lose focus at all?

You had spend hours re-reading emails and checking social media feeds, enormous coffee breaks, and also spend on other tasks that you may have avoided. 

Does it sound familiar to you? If yes. then dont worry as you’re not alone. 

This is called Procrastination, which means putting off the tasks or delaying them until last moment leading to stress and anxiety. 

In this podcast, I’ll share some of the  ways where you can over procrastination as a content writer and make your life much simpler. Here is a glimpse of some of the ways:

  • Set realistic goals
  • Stop being a perfectionist
  • Break down the tasks into smaller tasks
  • Discipline yourself
  • Remember the purpose
  • Just do it

Listen to the podcast for more details!

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