What is Personal Branding & why is it important?


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If you search your name on Google then what is the first thing that comes up? Does anything appear in the search results?

If nothing appears then you haven’t spent enough time to develop your personal brand. You’ve worked so hard all through these years and build your expertise in your chosen niche or area of interest. But, it is a waste if no one recognizes your efforts and hard work. 

In this industry today, there is an enormous amount of competition and you need to be one-step ahead of your competitors.

What is personal branding?

A personal brand is a unique combination of skills and experience that everyone wants to see about yourself. And, personal branding is a conscious effort to promote yourself and it helps you to present yourself.

Let’s say you want to become an influencer or a leader within your area of expertise. You can do this by building your personal brand as it helps you to improve your reputation and showcase your skills.


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There’s a common myth that personal branding is for celebrities and business tycoons.

Absolutely, not!

Personal branding is a practice that helps you to position yourself as an expert in an industry. It is more than just your name and logo. It gives you a competitive edge that helps you to separate yourself from the competition. Also, the more you build your personal brand, the more you elevate yourself above your peers and less work you’ve to do to convince your potential customers or employers.

Benefits of Personal Branding

Here are four reasons why you should create a personal brand for yourself:

1. Position yourself as a thought leader  

A thought leader is one who has an authority in their niche or field. It is also the one who stands out from the crowd. When you’ve a personal brand, it helps you to do exactly that and it also positions you as a Subject Mater Expert (SME) in your field. It is takes time to build expertise and become a SME as you’ve worked really hard. So, with personal

2. Build trust & credibility

In today’s industry, personal branding is important because you’re the important selling point of your service or product as its all about trust and relationship. Personal branding helps you to build that trust among your potential employers or customers as it allows you to explain to them the “why” you do what you do. In other words, what drives and motivates you. In this way, people feel more comfortable to work with you.


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3. Increase your value

Personal branding helps you to increase your worth in the eyes of your audience as people see you ad a key player in the industry. Having a well-known brand and name in the industry helps you to demand premium rates for your services and products as people respond emotionally to brands. There’re many examples of personal branding like Oprah Winfrey and Martha Stewart who have applied personal branding to their advantage and built businesses worth millions of dollars.

4. Create job security

Whether you’re a freelancer, a trainer, a coach or an author, personal branding serves as a key element to survive in today’s industry. In other words, personal branding helps you to become irreplaceable and you’re often called to speak at the events and even work with bugger brands. In a way, it helps you to shape your own future and make your mark.

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Personal brand is an essential component in today’s industry that will help you to attract exciting career opportunities and enables you to remain in the front. A great personal brand has the power and ability to influence the opinion, decisions, and actions of your audience. Being the person of influence means that you’re no longer left at the mercy of the fickle job market and you can live the life you have always wanted. In other words, Personal branding also helps you to convert your dreams into reality.

So, to sum up, you need to take time to build your personal brand and build a strategy so that the people get to find out about you and what value you bring to them.

Remember that don’t just settle for an ordinary career that can ruin your life; instead, build a personal brand and enjoy a career you’re passionate about that is truly epic.

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