If Only I had an “Extra” Hour during the day…

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“If only I had more time!”

Does this phrase sound similar in any way?

The word “Extra” itself seems to ring bells in your mind, and you fill in with excitement and joy. Extra money, extra chili or oregano flakes that come with Domino’s Pizza, extra time during an exam, etc.

According to the dictionary, the word extra means excessive, extravagant, or in addition. If you get anything “in addition” to what is usual or strictly necessary, it is in itself an amazing thought.

And, you combine Extra with time i.e. hour or minutes then it becomes even more exciting. Our life is so much dependent upon time. It is measured in years, and we count every minute and even second in the game and measure our efficiency by months and quarters.

The clock keeps ticking round and round while you’re working on a critical task. There is always a thrill of getting an additional “hour”. But, can you ever control time?

No, right. Your ability to control time doesn’t exist and it can be frustrating indeed when you need the most.

But, what if you get the opportunity – EXTRA hour? You feel so overwhelmed because who doesn’t need that EXTRA hour?

If only I get an extra hour during the day, my life will be so exciting because there are so many things I want to do. I have a long list of things that I need to do in order to fulfill my dream but fail to do so because of TIME.

Often, I’ve heard people saying that Time is money and indeed it is. Time plays a critical factor when it comes to fulfill your dreams so when you get in addition of the time you already have then you’d definitely use it for a real purpose.

Isnt it?

There are many things you can do in that extra hour and if you do a google search on the phrase “Extra Hour” then you’ll find tons of resources that will give you an idea on how to spend the extra hour.

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Here’re some of the ideas that you can take a cue:

  1. Get a massage
  2. Read the book you were trying to avoid due to the unavailability of time
  3. Take a power nap for a little more time
  4. Enjoy the time with your spouse
  5. Catch up with your favorite web series on the OTT platforms
  6. Chat with your friends or family
  7. Take a hot bubble bath or a cold shower
  8. Try a new recipe
  9. Take up a hobby
  10. Tend to your garden and look after your plants
  11. Be mindful
  12. Spend time with your child because you may not get it later
  13. etc.

And, the list is endless…

If you ask me what I’ll do If I had the extra hour during the day then my answer will be that I’ll spend that hour reflecting upon the things I did in the past. I’ll ty to recall the mistakes I made during the journey throughout. I’ll also choose the things that I’m really proud off to give a BIG pat on my back that will encourage me to continue doing the tasks with the same zeal and energy.

Life is a never-ending experience and God has given us limited time that we can use to do the things we want to do. But, when you get additional time then you need to use it very cautiously and also you need to do things that will make your entire life more meaningful. The “Extra hour” should be a boon that you get during the day and you need to use it judiciously.

So, what about you? What will you do if you get that additional “Extra” hour during the day? How would you spend the day? Tell me about it in the comments below or write to me at anuj.anujkapoor@gmail.com on what is your take on the extra hour.

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