How to Motivate Yourself to Succeed in Blogging?

One of the biggest blogging tips, you can ever get from any blogging expert is to be PERSISTENT and NEVER STOP blogging. There will always times when you’ll feel demotivated and NOT like to blog at all but you still need to carry on.

Let’s admit it that you can’t get SUCCESS overnight in blogging. And, there will be occasions where you may feel that you’re not getting much out of it with blogging. 

It’s a harsh fact but truth. And, if you’re thinking to make a career out of blogging then it can be disheartening at times. For instance, the views on your blog are dropping, you run out of any ideas for your blog, and if this is not enough then your day job takes a lot of your time and motivation.

Also, you have lots of ideas in your head that you want to share to the entire world. But, when you sit down to write a blog, you just don’t feel motivated enough. Moreover, it may be a challenge to write everyday on your blog for an invisible audience. All in all, blogging can be real pain as you may start it in excitement but you will always feel demotivated before you make a decision to QUIT.  

If you feel this way, then you’re at the right place. But, there will always be one thing that will keep you moving and you need to constantly remind yourself about it, that is: your passion for blogging.

In this blog, I’m going to talk about some of the tips and tactics that can help you to stay motivated while blogging. And, these tips will be particularly helpful if you are seriously considering to take blogging as a full time career option.

1. Remember the Why of blogging

I will like to admit one thing that Blogging has always been my passion and this motivated me to start my own blog. But, after a period of time, I felt lost and unmotivated. I tried to do a lot of research and looked for some articles to try working on different strategies to make it work but ultimately, I didn’t see any results and I’m still struggling.

I even invested in a blogging course to find some advice that I was looking for. Yet, this didn’t help me either as having a strategy isn’t enough. Though, taking an online course helped me a lot to find my voice and understand the nitty-gritties of blog. However, when it comes to staying motivated to blog, you just need one THING – that is – Your WHY. And, that’s what had worked me for all these years.

You need to also do the same thing and continuously remind yourself why you love blogging or what is the purpose of your blog. Having an understanding of “WHY” you need to blog is more important than What you need to blog or How you will blog. Once you are able to find the WHY, this should certainly bring back the motivation. You need to continuously ask yourself why you really need to write a blog.

For me, my purpose of writing a blog is to inspire and share knowledge that will help my readers transform their life. So, you also need to know your purpose as a writer and what change you want to make in your readers.

2. Avoid looking at the traffic statistics of your blog

It’s true that having analytics software in your blog is essential as it can give you a lot of information that can help you to enhance the user experience. But, you don’t need to look at the analytics every time to see how many people have visited your blog. And, you shouldn’t do this if this is the reason for demotivation. You must believe in one fact that blogging is not just about numbers or how many numbers of people who viewed your blog. In fact, it is more than that and it is about passion. As long as you enjoy writing the blog and do not get fascinated with the number of readers and followers, you will always be motivated to blog.

3. Learn from the Success Stories of other bloggers

If you want to succeed in blogging, then there is no inspiration than YOU yourself because you should compare your blog with others. However, there is no absolutely no harm in taking some lessons from the success story of other successful bloggers. This will help definitely give you a boost in your blogging journey.

You need to know about their blogging journey and read the success stories to get motivated, which is a vital ingredient to keep blogging for a long time. Also, you need to get inspired by successful bloggers and not just carried away about how much they have earned from their blog. The idea is to get inspired by their dedication to being a blogger.

4. Create a schedule

This is very important especially if you’re working on your blog alongside your day job. Let’s admit that even if you work on your non-stop, the chances are that you may not get the desired results. So, what should you do? Should you stop working on your blog? Definitely, not. Instead, you should create a schedule to write blogs for yourself. This will help you to maintain a balance between blogging and other activities in your life.

And, creating a schedule for yourself will help you to know what things you need to accomplish and when you need to accomplish them, which in turn keep yourself motivated. But, ensure that you create a realistic schedule and set a target that you can achieve. For instance, you can opt to write one blog post per week if you cant commit more but ensure that you do it consistently.

5. Embrace yourself

Also, ensure that you acknowledge accomplishing a task even of it’s a smaller one by rewarding yourself.  You can devise a reward mechanism for yourself like surprising yourself with a treat or spending time with family members, or even binge watching a favorite web series. This will keep you motivated to carry on doing what you love to do the most.

6. Blog for fun

There are so many bloggers who are successful today and are making a living out of their blogs full time. However, did they ever start making money right from the word, Go?

No, right?

They also started blogging because they had the passion towards it and not just wanted to monetize the blog. They worked really hard while building their blog that made a difference in the reader’s life or changed their life altogether. So, if you’ve created a blog with a mindset of just making money out of it then believe me, you’re definitely on a wrong path. And, you should quit blogging straightaway with this mindset as it is never going to work this way.

You should blog for fun and authority and not just for money. The money will eventually follow once you’re able to build a trust with your readers but you need to work really hard to build the reputation.

7. Take care of your health

Nothing is more important than your health. If you’re unfit, then howsoever you may try but you will not be able to concentrate on anything. Often, many bloggers suffer from what we call blogger burnout as our job is such where there is no physical activity involved.  It gets very easy to become lazy as a blogger. So, the best way to combat this to just keep yourself moving. You can perform simple steps from getting up early and exercising to walking for 30 minutes or so. You can also do yoga or meditate to keep your mind and body fit. Also, ensure that you avoid eating too much unhealthy food. Being mentally and physically fit will also keep you motivated.

Final words

Blogging can get tedious when we do not get immediate results. But, you should never get discouraged. There is some amount of trial and error that is bound to happen in this field of blogging so you should keep moving. And, I’m sure if you follow these tips then it will keep you motivated and become a successful blogger.

If you’ve gone through blogger burnout, what have you done to keep yourself motivated? I’d like to know.

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