Don’t worry about the small things in life

A man was sitting on a bench with both of his hands over his head and looked tense as he had just lost his job. A saint was passing by and stopped when he saw the man.

“Son, you look tense. Is everything alright?” he asked.

“No baba. Nothing is alright. I have just lost a job and I have nothing to do. How am I going to earn a living? How am I going to feed my family?”, the man replied while having tears in his eyes.

The saint gave a faint smile on his face.

At this, the man got angry and asked him, “You are laughing. Are you a fool? Have you ever lost something? Do you know what happens when you lose your job?”

The saint didn’t mind his anger because he knew he was upset but just said, “Son, I am just coming from the crematorium where I have cremated my entire family as I had lost them due to the earthquake that happened three days earlier”.

He then moved ahead while giving him blessings to take care of him.

The man was so moved when he heard what the saint had told him that he didn’t say anything but he just thought to himself, “We worry too much about small things in life like losing a job or buying a car, etc. but here is a saint who had lost his entire family but still he seemed to be happy”.

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