Be the change and take a step ahead to move forward!

“Change is inevitable; Progress is optional” – John C Maxwell.

Indeed, it is true because whatever happens, it happens for a reason and it may happen that change is unavoidable. It may be terrifying at first to bring a change in your life, but it is only when we embrace it, we are able to discover our capabilities. You may be asking yourself, “What does the change look like?” Well, change could mean differently to different people and it fits differently too. There may be some people who may handle change easily and some would take a lot of time to adjust with the change. Think of the people from ancient history who used to wander around places but if they couldn’t change themselves then would they be able to survive? They were able to survive because they accepted the change instead of resisting it.

But, why should accept the change?

Yes, indeed, this question occurs to me a lot of times because no one wants to leave the comfort to which we have become so accustomed.  Often, we get so comfortable in the present situation that we fear of risk involved in the change. We may get scared of failure and fear of uncertainty in future, and usually get trapped words like “maybe” and “maybe not”. Often, we have heard people saying that time changes everything, but it is actually we who have bring a change in ourselves.

Change is foreseeable so welcome it with both hands

We are living in an age where we need to adapt to the new environment as quickly as possible. We cannot stick to our past glories because past is history and we do not know what will be the future like. But, we have one thing in hand and that is, our present. So, we have to make a decision NOW to change ourselves now if we want a better future. Your future is created by what you do TODAY and not TOMORROW. It is impossible to progress without bringing a change and adapting yourself to the new environment. The people who cannot change themselves, their minds cannot change anything. Once of the secrets of living a successful life is to learn to handle the changes that may come in your path.

As the famous philosopher Socrates have put it,” The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting but on building the new”.

Admit the inevitable

Sometimes, there may be certain things that are beyond our control such as the extreme cold during winters or when it rains heavily then we tend to adjust ourselves and use an umbrella. Likewise, we need to apply same rule in our life as well and adjust to the change that is brought in our life. We shouldn’t never complain or worry, nor we should get angry if such a situation arises.


Life, the universe, and everything around us need to change once. Even the seasons change once in a year then we are humans and we are bound to accept the change graciously. Change is life and if you want to live a successful life then you need to accept the enjoy the change. It is important to note over here that you will not be able to move forward if you cannot accept the change.

3 thoughts on “Be the change and take a step ahead to move forward!

  • April 30, 2018 at 10:18 pm

    Inspiring. Well written.

  • April 30, 2018 at 10:42 pm

    This is motivating. It is good to adapt to change… and tune it to take the direction of progress. Very well written.

  • April 30, 2018 at 11:32 pm

    Very well articulated!!! Impressive


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