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Hi, My name is Anuj Kapoor, and I’m the founder of this website. I am an Instructional Designer by profession with over 15 years of experience in Instructional Design and learning and development.

But, I’m passionate about writing and blogging and I am still learning the craft of writing as I feel that the learning should never STOP.

As a writer, I only believe in one thing that there is no right or wrong option; instead, you just WRITE! In addition, writing to me is MAGIC as you can make or break anything. Take a simple example where you need to write a marketing document to sell a product. You can either persuade a customer to buy the product through your writing or your customer can even start to hate it if your writing does not shape well.

So, that’s what I do – I write and educate the world through my writing, and also spread the knowledge to others.

Life has totally changed for me after I entered the world of blogging as I just dream of nothing but blogging. From an unknown person who didn’t know anything about blogging to the present situation, this journey has been fascinating. 

Therefore, I’ll call myself a blogger, writer, and a thinker or a philosopher as I think a lot about life and philosophy. I’ve started this blog in an attempt to solve the problems that most bloggers face in the current scenario. After reading my blog posts, I’m sure you’ll feel that it’s not really difficult to start a blog.

My mission behind making this blog is:

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If you want to know more about my education and experience, you can look into my Linkedin profile.

My Early Life

I’ve spent my entire childhood in Delhi, India where I did my schooling in the same city. 

Throughout my childhood, I’ve been fascinated with reading books and comics. I can recall I used to bring a lot of comics during my summer holidays like Tinkle, Chacha Chaudhary, Champak, and so on. I had even subscribed to a weekly Russian magazine. 

During my childhood days, I was always involved in studies and books and also wanted to do something in my life. 

College Life

While doing my graduation in Science from Delhi University, I also got admission to the National Institute of Information Technology (NIIT), Delhi for a Diploma in Computers. This is the time when I got fascinated with the world of computers and the Internet.

I started to spend a lot of my time on my personal computer and tried my hand in everything on computers to learn something new. I also got fascinated with HTML and was fascinated when I developed my first web page. 

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My first job

After completing my education, I started to look for a job as well as a few other opportunities that would help to make some money. 

It took me not very long in my search when I got my first job offer to work as an Instructional Designer with no experience in Instructional Design. I was sold on to it immediately as throughout my life I had been fascinated with overcoming the challenges. I learned a lot of things like creating computer-based training (CBTs) that was the norm those days. I also learned a few authoring tools like Authorware and Flash.  

My trip to the USA

In 2004, I got another BIG opportunity to go to the United States to work for a client. Therefore, I accepted it wholeheartedly and got my visa stamped, and booked my tickets to fly to the country that is considered as a land of opportunities. 

Again, I learned a lot of new things like new culture and new technologies. I met a lot of people and made friends with them. It was an amazing experience for me during my stay in the United States as I was learned a lot of new things.

Introducing social networking

Then, in 2005, I was again fascinated with another wonderful thing and that was “Orkut”. Social Media was new at that time in India but was beginning to rise. A lot of people were network with each other on the Internet and it was an amazing experience to meet a lot of new people.

It was then in 2008 when I first heard the word “blog” and decided to do some research. I created my own blog on blogger.com. I posted a lot of content on my blog and also created several blogs while trying my hand in every niche writing anything and everything. 

Starting to make it work

Then, I decided to launch my own blog to share whatever I’ve learned throughout my life. But the issue was what should be the name of the blog. So, I did a lot of research for many days for the good name of my blog. 

And, then someone suggested me to book a domain name on your name so without wasting any time, I booked the domain with my own name in 2017, www.imanujkapoor.com

Since then, there has been no stopping as I’ve posted a lot of articles on my blog but my journey is still not complete. 

Where do I stand today?

What I’m today is because of my blog as I’m putting a lot of effort to make it a perfect blog. This blog has given me a lot of exposure and a lot of people know me just because of my blog. 

My blog has given me an identity and created a brand for myself, and I am able to network with a lot of people through this blog. 

Any personal life?

Yes, indeed. I am married and have a son who is 9 years old and I would love to play with him when I am not working or during the weekends. I also love to read or get into my kitchen apron and cook some authentic dishes for my son. In addition, I like to travel with my family to different places whenever we get time.

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So you’re still reading this?

WOW! That sounds great.

You must be really interested! Feel free to email me any questions or thoughts that you may have. Thanks for stopping by and reading. It’s very much appreciated and I look forward to connecting with you.

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