9 Valuable Life Lessons I learned from the Year 2020

It’s fair to say that the year 2020 was not an ordinary one and it is the year that everyone around the globe will want to forget.

It started off well. When the clock struck 12 AM on 01.01.2020, it felt like a normal year and we wished each other as we do on every new year’s eve. As we made our 2019 new year’s resolutions, we simply had nothing but hope for not just a fresh year but an experience to make our lives look better than the previous year.


But, it wasn’t to be because 2020 has some other plans. The initial two months still went by peacefully but trouble happened in March when the coronavirus pandemic struck our lives. The 21-day lockdown was announced, which was extended for another month.

While the past year took a lot of things away from us as our social life was completely destroyed as we were confined to our home; it also gave us a lot of things. It taught us a few lessons that we should remember for our lifetime. More than ever, I learned how to adapt to new COVID-19 ridden world that consists of boundaries without any crowds.

And, now that we’ve moved on to the new year 2021, its time to look at some of the lessons that the past year taught us.

9 Valuable Lessons I learned from 2020

Here are 9 things that the year 2020 taught me and I will never forget them in my lifetime.

Self-care is very important

This is the first thing I learnt from the year 2020 to care about yourself. There is nothing more important than your health. While fighting the coronavirus, it was essential for us to stay healthy and create a strong immune system. We did a lot of things to boost our immunity from taking multi-vitamin pills to drinking Ayurveda syrup and doing yoga. But, it was important indeed as we saw people suffering from the virus.

So, in 2021 and the years ahead, I will continue to boost my immunity and take care of myself because as there is a famous quote that, “Self-love is not selfish; you cannot truly love another until you know how to love yourself.”

Appreciate the little things in life

We all have bigger goals to achieve and there is absolutely no harm in that. Life is a race and we all are running hard to succeed in life and reach our goals. However, while we’re racing hard to achieve those goals, we tend to forget to appreciate the small things we have. And, that’s what 2020 taught me – to admire the little things we have in life. While we were locked down inside our home with nowhere to go outside, we learned to be happy in the little things like playing tambola or antakshri with family, looking at some old photographs to revisit the memories, or even watching the sunrise while having a cup of coffee. These things we didn’t value much earlier but in 2020, it became our moments of true happiness.

Don’t take anything for granted

Yes, we should never take anything for granted as life is unpredictable and anything can happen anytime and anywhere.

Eat every bite on your plate

Before the pandemic happened, we may never have valued the importance of food and we may even have wasted a lot of food. But, the covid-19 pandemic taught us the importance of tiny little grains on our plate.

Treat each day as If it was your last

And, this is what 2020 taught me to enjoy life to the fullest and live in the NOW that we have. Often, we think too much about the future or even dwell on the past. We just spoil the present moment that we have NOW. Like it happened in 2020. We made so many plans that we have to fulfill at midnight of 2019. But, what happened? All the plans had gone wasted as 2020 had some other plans. So, this year, I will enjoy each moment as if it were my last day on this earth and will not think too much about the future. What has happened, we cannot do much about it and we don’t know how the future will be for us. So, why think too much about the past and the future, and be a spoilsport to our present moment.

Just slow down

Before 2020 started, we were living in a very fast-paced life and even had a busy life where we used to get up early morning, go to work, and come back, have dinner, and then again go to sleep. There was a lot of madness and rush in our life to achieve our milestones. We desperately needed a break but due to our work commitments, we didn’t find one. And, 2020 did just that – it gave me a much-needed break and even forced me to just slow down and think about how my life has been. It even allowed me at times to take a deep breath and gave us the time to spend on ourselves and our family. Being shut indoors with nowhere to go, 2020 gave me an opportunity to reignite some of my old hobbies and try different things like I started my podcast, The Anuj Kapoor Talk Show to keep me entertained.

Don’t stop learning

One of the great ways to enjoy life is to keep learning, and it should stop. There is so much to learn, and the Internet today has given us an option to learn anything we want. While being shut indoors, it gave me an opportunity to learn new things and then try implementing it. It doesn’t matter whether you succeed or not, but the most important thing is to keep learning. And. That’s what I’m going to do in the year 2021 and years ahead – I’ll invest my time in my own personal growth and never stop learning. It is important to invest in yourself if you want others to invest in you.

Take care of your mental health

If there is one thing that the pandemic has taught us is to never underestimate your mental health. While it is important to be physically fit, we should also be fit mentally. According to WHO, mental health is defined as mental well-being where each individual realizes their own abilities, can cope up with the normal stresses in life and can work productively. There are over 450 million people who suffer from mental illness. So, it is important that we take care of our mind so that we can handle any kind of stress and deal with the problems we face in our life.

Be grateful

And, finally, 2020 taught me to practice gratitude for all the things I have in life – my job, my family, my home, and more than that – a feeling to be alive. Being grateful helps to feel positive emotions and it also improves your mental health as well. Also, it allows you to be mindful and helps you to relive stress as you start to be more satisfied in life.

Final thoughts

So, the 2020 felt like a roller-coaster ride and I know that it has been a weird year. However, it was an eye opener to look at life from different perspective.

And, I’m definitely going to carry these lessons in 2021. Most importantly, I have learnt to appreciate the moment and not assume that times will always be the same.

What life lessons 2020 has taught you that you will carry during the 2021? Share it with me in the comments below.  

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