9 Good Reasons of Starting a Podcast in 2020

Are you thinking of starting a podcast? There can be no better TIME than now when things are still NOT looking so good.

While, we’re still facing the realm of coronavirus pandemic, podcast can be great NOT just for you but for your business.

When I started my podcast, I never knew that it will come long way but recording each episodes, it gave me a lot of confidence. I could feel the difference in the manner in which I communicate with others.

So, are you still confused whether you should start a podcast or not? Worry not.

Here are 10 reasons that should be more than enough for you to get going with a podcast of your own.

1. It isn’t a NEW thing

Podcasting has been there since long time so it you think that it’s new phenomenon, think again. Though many people and companies have started podcasting to build trust and connect with their audience. However, podcasting has its root back in 1960s when the radio shows like Yours Truly and ABC Radio’s Theater Five were aired in the USA. It was in 2003 when podcasts gained much popularity with the audio stories broadcasted directly to ipods. Hence the name podcast, which means pod + broadcast.

2. It doesn’t have any language barrier

It is not necessary that you start a podcast in an English language. Instead, you can start a podcast in any language that YOU are comfortable with. You can record a podcast in your native language. According to PWC, it has been estimated that Indian language listener base was at 40 million by the end of 2018, which was 58% more than the year before.

In fact, if you record a podcast in your native language then you’ve a greater chance of making it successful due to lesser competition than the English language podcasts.

3. It is easy to consume

Podcasts prove to be best companion for your audience as they can listen while travelling or during the workout session in a gym. Today, people are racing against time because of their busy schedule at work so podcasts allow them to consume content at their own convenience.

According to an estimate, 41% millennials have no time to go through the content that is long. Therefore, it is best to produce a podcast that will be more interesting and easily digestible instead of writing a 2000 word article or a blog post.

4. Its easy to create

No, you need not be a technology wizard to create a podcast. All you need is great content for your podcast. The first step and the most important one to create your podcast is to find your niche and define what your podcast is all about. That’s all you need to create a successful podcast. Once you’re able to do that, you will be able to work on a content plan and schedule.

5. It helps you to build a personal brand

Podcasting is a great tool that allows you to build your personal brand and develop an authority in your niche. Whether you create a podcast for education, careers, or anything else, the idea is to create meaningful podcasts and keep the listeners engaged to keep them coming back for more. This in turn helps you to build a strong brand.

What is more important in this digital marketplace is to create a string presence and there is NO better way to do this than using your own VOICE.

6. It develops your public speaking skills

The best way to improve your public speaking skills is by building your own podcast channel. And, believe me, I can tell this from my own experience. Podcasting has helped me a lot in improving my communication.

Also, podcasting increases your self-confidence and makes you speak more fluently in the public.

7. It deepens your relationship with customers

This is particularly for those who want to start a podcast for promoting their business. Podcasting is a great way to create a relationship with your customers as people hear your voice and it adds a personal touch. While blogs are a perfect way to leads for your brand, podcasting allows you to make loyal and lasting connection with your customers.

8. It is inexpensive

“Podcasting can be a costly affair”

“I need to spend a lot of money on podcasting”

These are some of the questions that come to your mind when it comes to podcasting. But, believe me, podcasting can cost you little to nothing depending on the equipment you choose.

You can start with your mobile phone, laptop and headphones that you already use to record the podcast. Of course, the better the podcasting equipment, the better your podcast. However, this should not be a showstopper to start your podcast.

9.It is less competitive

Believe it or not, Podcasting holds an immense potential as it’s a less competitive as compared to other medium. According to an estimate, there’re over 2 million blog posts written everyday and 500 hours of videos uploaded on YouTube whereas there’re just 700,000 active podcasts.

So, you need to get started with your podcast right now to gain the competitive advantage before it is too late.

Final thoughts

And, the list of benefits for starting a podcast is endless. Now that you know all the reasons, there should no stopping why you should NOT start a podcast channel.

Hence, I would highly recommend you to give a podcasting thing a try.

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