7 Signs You Need to Take a Break from Work

When was the last time when you went on a vacation with your family? Did you take up your favorite hobby recently? Did you spend some time with your son to play his favorite sport? If your answer to the above questions is No then you seriously are overworked and you desperately need a break. Many times, we tend to get so busy in our life that we forget to relax our mind and our body. We forget the golden rule of life that we live so that we can work and not work to live. Rather, it’s the opposite that we tend to follow. When you work for long stretches without taking a break, it leads to stress and fatigue.

Here are 7 signs that show you need a break from work:

YOU lack motivated

Motivation is the key driver for anyone who wants to succeed at work. When you feel good, you work hard to get the job done. The work you are assigned takes forever to finish and you often want to take frequent breaks so that you do not need to work. This means that your motivation is all time low and its time you think seriously and take a break from work.

YOU have started to commit silly mistakes

“Did you proofread that document? Were you in your senses when you wrote this document?”, asks one manager to his employee. If you also hear such questions from your manager or have been in a similar scenario then its time you start thinking. When we are overworked, our brain stops paying the amount of attention that they are supposed to and the result is that we commit such silly mistakes. However, it is not an abnormal behavior and mistakes can occur to everyone. But, if its happening to you on a continuing basis then its time you take a break.

You are out of FOCUS

Are you spending most of your time day-dreaming about your dream job? Do you stare at the computer screen for few minutes but just clueless what to do next? Are you playing the latest game on your Smartphone instead of completing your work? Well, these are the red flags that you do not seem to be focused at work and need to get away from your workplace as soon as possible to recuperate yourself.

Your health is deterioting constantly

“Health is wealth!” Yes, we have heard this phrase number of times in our childhood and it holds true even today. If you are having frequent headaches, suffering from insomnia, or having a feeling of weight loss or gain then it’s a sign that you need a break immediately. Nothing is better than your own health. Thus, if you are feeling well then its time you seriously think about your health and get some significant sleep, and enjoy things that make you feel happy.  

You often lose your temper

When you feel irritated or seem to be in a bad mood all the time then it’s a sign that you are over-worked and you need to request for some vacation hours.

You start to complain about ANYTHING & EVERYTHING

Do you find yourself constantly complaining about your boss and colleagues or delaying on tasks? It is normal to complain about anything that you do not like or vent to a friend once a while. However, if it’s becoming a habit then you need to stop at that moment and think about it seriously.

You STOP to connect yourself with your colleagues

According to a survey, a person spends around 47 hours per week at work that totals to about 109,980 hours during an entire life of the person. This means that work becomes part of your life and this also means that you spend a lot of your time with your colleagues so much so that they become like your family. However, when you stop socializing with your colleagues over lunches, meetings, or office parties, it is at this moment you need to realize that you are getting over-worked.

The Bottom Line

Any or all of these can happen to anyone when you become over worked and it may reach to a point that results in physical burn out. It is at that moment when you need to take a halt. Remember, this is a list of possible signs, and you do not need to have all of them to take a personal time off. Just 1 or 2 symptoms alone should be enough of a warning that you need to make a conscious effort to take a break.

So, what do you think? Do you agree with them? Have you ever faced with any of the above scenarios? Do you have any personal burnout stories of your own that you’d like to share? Tell us all about it in the comments section down below.

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