5 Best Web Hosting Providers in 2020 for Your Blog or Website

Whether you’re looking to grow your online business, build a portfolio and create a blog, knowing what hosting provider you can trust upon can be little tricky and seems like an enormous headache.

There may be some hosting providers that can provide appealing hardware configurations at an affordable price while some providers may provider other security features.

There’re various hosting providers that provide infrastructure to support 2 billion websites approximately.

But, which ONE is appropriate for you?

Below is the list of 5 best web hosting providers that you can use for your blog or for your website.

#1. Siteground (Value for money)

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Siteground is one of the best web hosting providers and that is the reason why it is at the top of my list. It was founded in 2004 in Sofia, Bulgaria and over 2 million domains are being hosted on Siteground.

Siteground is well-known for its excellent customer service and its customer-base is ever increasing. Also, all the hosting plans in Siteground include various features, such as website builder, email account, SSL, Cloudfare, and SSH access. Though, the cost of web hosting from Siteground is slightly higher as compared to others but it is truly value for money.

It consists of the following features:

  • Provides widely recognized unmatched support: Siteground provides you with top-rated customer support service. It also helps the clients with the hosting issues 24X7 on all the three channels, such as chat, phone, and tickets, and provides support in three languages.
  • Offers WordPress expertise: Siteground also offers managed WordPress service, and develop many powerful solutions for WordPress in-house, such as WordPress Starter, WordPress Migrator, and SG Optimizer.
  • Enables fastest hosting infrastructure: It provides you with the fastest hosting infrastructure for your blog or website. Also, it is built on Linux ontainers with SSD disks.
  • Provides proactive approach to security: Siteground is very particular about website security and uptime. It develops solutions to protect your websites on three levels, like application, server, and network.
  • Offers user-centric tools to various types of users: It also offers various tools to two types of clients – beginner and advanced users. Siteground offers tools like free website migration, easy start for beginners, developer tools, and collaboration tools.

#2. Hostinger

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After Siteground, Hostinger is another web host that is one of the leaders in hosting industry. It allows you to host your website or blog without any limits and also experience the true cloud hosting technology. Also, it extends to the needs of your growing blog or website. In addition to above, it provides with the following features:

  • Provides unlimited web hosting: Hostinger provides high-quality web hosting that is affordable as well. At Hostinger, you just pay the lowest price for the high-quality, and stacked with unlimited features and backups. Also, all the Hostinger premium and business plans are packed with huge disk space and bandwidth.
  • Offers Best website builder: With Hostinger, you can choose any web hostinger plan and try their website builder that is free for 1 month. Also, it allows you to build your blog or websites easily via the website builder.
  • Provides free domain hosting with free SSL: Hostinger also provides domain hosting with premium and business hosting plans. This is the cheapest way to build your blog or website with the all-inclusive package.
  • Offers different web hosting plan: Hostinger also provides three types of web hosting plan that you choose from depending upon your requirements viz-a-viz, Single web hosting, Premium web hosting, and Business web hosting.
  • Provides money back guarantee: Hostinger also provides you with a 30-day money back guarantee incase you’re not satisfied with their web host. You can get a complete refund of your payment within 30-days without any hassle and risk.

#3. Bluehost

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After Siteground and Hostinger, Bluehost is another best web hosting company that offers some of the best web hosting plans for bloggers. It offers the following features:

  • Provides robust support who are trained experts that are there to help you and the help center also includes guides and video tutorials.
  • Offers money-back guarantee that allow you to get a refund within 30 days of signing up in case you’re not satisfied with the services.
  • Allow you to enjoy hassle-free WordPress installation on all your accounts.
  • Provides access to various tools and services that helps boost your website’s global reach.

#4. Hostgator

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Hostgator is another web host that have become quite popular because of its reliable performance. I’ve been using Hostgator for one of my client’s website and didn’t face any issues with regards to performance.  Hostgator provides with the following features:

  • Provides 99.9% for the period of 6 months and their load time has also been recorded with an average of 475ms.
  • Provides with excellent 24X7 customer support to resolve any queries
  • Includes a free SSL certificate with their package.
  • Provides unlimited bandwidth and storage
  • Offers an affordable cost of 1.3 USD per month (approximately)

#5. A2 Hosting

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Originally founded in as a side project in 2001 and based in Michigan, A2 Hosting is an independently owned and WordPress Hosting company. It provides cheap and fast web hosting plans. It also provides the following features;

  • Provides 99.9% uptime commitment that keeps your blog online and accessible for readers.
  • Offers 24X7 customer support via email, phone or chat.
  • Provides three web hosting plans to the starting at as low as $2.96 USD per month.
  • Enables websites to load as fast as 0.036 seconds

Final verdict

So, these are some of the best web hosting providers but I personally feel that Siteground and Hostinger should be your best bet.

Both of the web hosting providers are consistently fast having a reputation of being reliable with 24X7 customer support team that is available for your help.

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