4 Key Tactics For Content Marketers During COVID-19

Content is King!

Yes, indeed, it is.

In my last podcast, I spoke about five reasons why content is still the king and why content is important for your business and it’ll remain the ‘heart’ of marketing.

As you’re aware, we’re going through tough phase in our life due to coronavirus pandemic where most people are stuck inside. This is one of the most hardest time any marketer will face in their entire life while most businesses been down due to lockdown situation in most of the countries.

So, in this time of desperation, do you continue to stay in the path you were on or forge to a new one? The COVID-19 crisis has changed the world for everyone, both personal as well as professionally.

Also, in the light of COVID-19, most brands are realizing the need for content marketing not just to survive but to thrive during this mass crisis situation that has erupted in the entire world.

According to Arne Sorenson, CEO of Marriott International, “We’re seeing revenue down 75% plus, probably I suspect nearing a 90% decline in the United States. And obviously, at those levels there just isn’t any business in hotels.” Sorenson recently suspended his salary for a year.

However, this doesn’t mean the long term needs to look bad.

Content marketing is the answer to all the brands worries to engage with their customers and build trust and relationship with them while increasing their brand value. Also, content marketing sets the tone for the brands or companies from the long-term perspective – both in times of pandemic or no pandemic.

In this podcast, I’ll provide you four key tactics that you can use as a content marketer or a content writer in order to engage with your customers and thus help you to build your brand.

Ready! So, lets get started.

Hope this podcast will makes sense to you.

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