12 things I’d like about writing

“I write because

I don’t know

what I think

until I read

what I say.”

Flannery o’Connor

Those magical words sounds amazing, isn’t it?

To all the new writers, this will sound like a career advice that if you want to be a successful writer then you need to take your heart out of it. Sometimes, I feel why I chose the profession of content writing considering my technical background. It has been over 15 years now in this industry where I have seen many ups and downs. But, if I need to ask myself now that why I’m a writer then the answer will be that I really love writing. There are certain things that are really interesting about writing. I write not because of getting a sense of recognition or being published (ofcourse, that may be the ultimate aim :) ).

I write because of following reasons:

  1. First and foremost, I enjoy writing and I consider myself similar to a craftsman
  2. I write about different topics I really like from travel to technology and finance or business and soft-skills
  3. I can write anything I want on my blog
  4. I write to express my emotions. I feel like myself when I’m putting pen to paper as I write for the sake of writing itself.
  5. I feel proud enough when I see that the people really enjoy reading my work
  6. I write to see things more clearly because as Flannery o’Connor write, I don’t know what I think it is written.
  7. I also write to meet with different people from all walks of life and connect with them who I may never have any contact.
  8. In addition, I feel I belong to this profession as this is only career that was felt appropriate to me.
  9. I really like to tell stories that inspire me and beliefs I need to share with everyone.
  10. It opens my mind to some fresh ideas. When I’m writing on a topic, somehow it may happen that the writing would take me completely to another idea. To be completely thrown off into another idea is inspiring.
  11. It has become like a therapy. I also write sometimes to rejuvenate myself as I feel when I write, I immediately feel better and feel as if what I meant to say came out the exact way that I wanted.
  12. Writing eases me down when I’m not in a mood. One day, I was feeling really depressed and didn’t know the reason. So, I turned to only activity that makes sense when all seems lost, and that is “Writing”.


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