10 rules for freshers to survive in the corporate world

“Survival is an ability to swim in a strange water”, Frank Herbert

So, are you a fresher who have just graduated from college and is now going to enter the corporate world?

Your life has been good while you were in college with nothing to worry about and what you did was to just study, and get good grades. There may be some stressful times when you should complete your project or you might be under tremendous pressure to fulfil the demands of your parents and teachers. Nevertheless, this pressure may be nothing as compared to when you enter the corporate world that is different from your college life. There have been reports where there were some people who were forced to quit their jobs as they were unable to handle the pressure of corporate world.

So, are you well prepared and ready to face the challenge?

To survive in the corporate world is not everyone’s cup of tea though and there are certain rules that you need to follow. Here are top 10 rules you need to remember to prepare yourself before you enter the corporate world:

Prepare yourself for the hard schedule

Your life will change drastically and turn upside down as soon as you enter the corporate world. So, it is better you mentally prepare yourself well in advance and be ready to face challenges that may come while working in corporate world. In addition, you need to prepare yourself to work after the usual hours or work on the weekends as corporate world is not all about a 9-5 work shift.

Look presentable right from the first day

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”, Rachel Zoe

Gone are days when you could wear anything, absolutely anything while in college. It didn’t matter how you looked as it was your academics that spoke about you. But, corporate world is different. You need to look presentable right from the day when you enter the corporate world. In addition, you need to adhere to the workplace attire that may be different to a specific organization, and you must look clean and maintain personal hygiene. It’s the first impression that matters the most so it is always better to look better and wear a professional attire.

Be punctual

Punctuality is a key to be successful in the corporate world. You must remember that you should not reach late to the office as this disrupts the workflow of the working environment and wastes time of other people in the office. A survey reveals that there are about 15-20% people who reach late to the office. If you reach early or on time to the workplace, you can gather a lot of respect and attention to your superiors. Reaching early to the workplace also has a profound effect on your personal life too as you will be able to complete the tasks on time and then you can leave early from office thus giving space to your personal life. Remember the famous quote from Benjamin Franklin, “Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise”. So, this quote applies to the corporate world too.

Always wear a SMILE on your face

“I think that anybody who smiles automatically looks better”, Diane Lane

Yes, SMILE is another thing you need to remember before you enter the corporate world. Keep in mind that there is a smile right under your nose so you must use it more often especially while you are at the workplace. Forget all the worries and tensions that you may have and keep them at home. But, when you are in your workplace then you must wear that SMILE on your face. It is natural to be stressed as this is your first job but you also need to learn to deal with the stress, be happy and show a positive attitude towards others.

Maintain a professional attitude

In the corporate world, it is the work that you do will speak more than anything else. So, you must maintain professionalism with your co-workers in the workplace to be successful in the corporate world. After all, you are not here to make friends but at the same time this also doesn’t mean that you should treat everyone as your enemy. Instead, it is better to stay professional during the work hours.

Build a strong network

While staying professional is always essential to be successful in the corporate world, it is also critical to build a strong network and stay connected with your co-workers or friends. After all, your first job is all about developing connections and then staying connected with them. Today, we have so many social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, and so on that help us to build a strong network. It is recommended that you create you LinkedIn profile once you enter the corporate world and grow your network while working at your workplace.

Have an ability to learn new things

Just because you completed your degree doesn’t mean that you stop learning because learning should be continuous. This means that you need to continue to learn to succeed in the corporate world and grow up the ladder. Today there are so many tools available to you that can help you learn alongside your job. You can enrol to number of courses simultaneously from various websites such as uDemy, Coursera, eDX, and so on and study at your own pace.

Show thy respect

As you are a fresher who have just entered the corporate world so the expectations will be high on you from others. Thus, it is always good to show respect not just to your seniors but also to your colleagues. In addition, you need to even show respect the office boy or other support staff. Remember that RESPECT is a two-way street which means that if you want to earn respect then you must show it too.

“Show respect even to those who don’t deserve it; not as a reflection of their character but as a reflection of yours”, Dave Wiliis

Be a smart worker

It is natural that everyone in the workplace might take an undue advantage from you since you are a fresher. However, you need to handle it very carefully and work smartly if you want achieve success in the corporate world. It is also essential that you learn to say “No” if you find any work that is inappropriate. You should also try to learn new things quickly and efficiently and do it in a smart fashion instead of doing it in a hard way; after all, what matters the most in the corporate world is being a smart worker and not a hard worker. Of course, hard work is also essential to grow up the ladder but you need to use it judiciously.

Be wary of critics

While you are new to the corporate world, there is bound to be some criticism that may be hard to digest. However, you should accept it gracefully and try to improve upon yourself as this will be for your benefit. On the other hand, you should also not get complacent once anyone shower praises upon you but rather continue doing the good work.


The corporate world may seem to be scary and full of mysteries at first instance but you will find it going it easy as you get mixed into the corporate culture. After all, it is all about getting use to the culture of the corporate world. As the saying goes, “Old habits die hard” so is true for corporate world. But if you follow these nine rules then you are surely going to maintain a position in the corporate world and this will help you even shine in true colors.

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