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Hi! I'm Anuj

Welcome to imanujkapoor.com. I'm an IT professional with over 19 years of experience in learning and development. I'm also a blogger, podcaster and a youtuber.

I'm aspiring to be a coach and a mentor / trainer with a mission to respect, listen to, support, encourage, inspire, and motivate anyone who make, meet, and exceed professional and personal goals.

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Top 7 Inspirational Books You Must Read in 2023


Books play an important part in anyone’s life. If you’re not inclined to read then you’re bound to missing on an interesting part of life. Reading is a habit that will provide you with a lot of benefits in the long run. Also, a good book can be a perfect relaxation aid and a great…

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Happiness: What It Is & Why It Is Important?

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Today is World Happiness Day. According to the statistics, almost two in three adults that is approximately 67% report themselves being happy. So many times, I have found that people are unhappy with their lives or their jobs. Often, people feel why they’re here in this world doing what they are not supposed to do.…

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How You Can Improve & Evolve as a Professional?

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Affiliate Disclosure: This blog contains affiliate links to products. I may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. “Life is all about evolving. Don’t stay in a situation that’s not helping you grow mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.” In the industry that we are all in, it has extremely important to improve ourselves and…

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Kindly note that the links mentioned here have some of my affiliate links, Therefore, if you purchase any products via these links, it won’t cost you anything extra but I’ll get a small commission. 

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